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What Most Vets Don’t Know About Pet Cancer

If you’re a pet parent or love someone who is, then here’s some news you need to hear… if... read more

Tui-na Massage for Pets: Powerful Healing

Tui-na massage is a type of bodywork rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It promotes healthy blood flow, soothes joints and... read more

The Truth About Raw Food for Pets

Since the beginning of 2018, we have seen reports of at least thirteen recalls for various pet foods or... read more

Dog Love: Trust, Healing and Forgiveness

There is no love like dog love. Few creatures, if any, in this world are as loving and devoted as... read more

Ask a vet pet expert holistic vet

Meet Dr. Ruth Roberts: Holistic Pet Expert, Veterinarian and Pet Health Coach

Do you know Dr. Ruth Roberts? Learn a little more about Dr. Ruth’s background and outlook on pet health and... read more

Food Energetics and Healthy Pet Diets

Cooking at home with The Original CrockPet Diet gives you access to the epitome of healthy pet diets. But... read more

Gifts for pets

Great Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

Our pets give us their unconditional love and companionship all year long, expecting nothing and hoping to be loved... read more

Pet vaccines

Are Pet Vaccines Safe?

When it comes to making the right choices for your pets, the matter of vaccines always comes into question.... read more

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